I take pictures, because it is my passion to capture people, nature and events happening around me.

It all started on a rather cold day back in November 2016. I decided to go for a walk in the nearby woods. I took my old camera with me in an attempt to endure the freezing wind that was testing my mood a little. I was taking pictures of the area around me and froze when I took this particular one underneath of this text. I felt extremely happy by looking at it. The joy I felt was limitless, like the trees and water on the picture itself. I felt excited. I asked myself: “What else could I possibly capture and more importantly, how?” Ambition and passion started to spread out in my chest. I decided, that this is the start point of something new. That was the moment, I dedicated myself to the art of photography.

It is my aim to become a better amateur photographer by tomorrow than I was yesterday.This is the reason why, I am working continuously on my camera technique. After visiting a photography course, I also accompanied professionals and took part in particular photography courses i. e. flash photography in order to not only «have an eye for it» but also to command and master the technique behind this art. Of course, the learning areas remain big: Each event and every shooting is different to the previously ones. Handling room and lighting conditions correctly is an important criterion for reaching good results and so is the level of satisfaction of each customer.

What once started with a stroll through the woods has become a true passion of mine. I am delighted and feel honoured to capture life around me. Pictures tell the story afterwards.